RIVA – Automated IV Compounding System

NEVO Europe provides state-of-the-art solutions for hospital pharmacy automation. Our flagship product, the groundbreaking RIVA is the only fully automated IV compounding system on the market. It is audit trail equipped, and provides extreme precision in even the smallest doses.

RIVA is an excellent solution for general and pediatric IV dose compounding. RIVA is offered in the following configurations:

  • Compounding for non-hazardous drugs
  • Compounding for hazardous drugs

RIVA is engineered to accurately and safely increase the production efficiency of compounding by automatically performing the routine, repetitive movements involved with the preparation of many frequently prescribed IV drugs.

The system can handle most admixtures and, in a slightly different configuration, is optimized to handle the hazardous toxic formulations used in chemotherapy. In these cases, the system operates with negative-to-ambient air pressure to protect pharmacy staff from exposure to cytotoxic chemicals. RIVA labels all dispensed doses inside the system, which ensures accurate administration – a critically significant step in cases of patient-specific preparations.

Since its introduction in 2008, RIVA systems have safely and accurately prepared more than 6 million medication doses globally. The system’s safety record has been demonstrated by more than 161,000 routine quality control checks that have found no contamination in compounded admixtures produced by the systems.

RIVA performs multiple weight, height, size and product barcode checks during compounding and is provided with multiple cameras inside the compounding area documenting these verifications. Each dose is labeled inside the system and the software provides a complete electronic audit trail of the entire compounding process.

Automatic IV compounding with RIVA offers the following advantages:

  • Safety & Accuracy – RIVA IV compounding system improves the safety and accuracy of IV admixture compounding, providing the correct dose for patients and eliminating the exposure of the pharmacy staff to hazardous substances. The system’s compounding process comprises state-of-the-art safety features, ensuring accurate doses for neonatal, pediatric and adult patients.
  • Full Automation – RIVA is the only fully automated IV compounding system on the market with a true walk away capability and four to six hours’ production autonomy.
  • Cost-Efficiency – RIVA has proven its capability in drastically improving efficiency in hospital pharmacies and compounding facilities, saving substantial amounts of money by reducing drug and consumable waste, decreasing the need for outsourcing, optimizing compounding workflow, and allowing the redeployment of work resources that do not have to perform the routine, manual work of IV compounding.
  • Regulatory Compliance – RIVA is designed to meet USP<797>, NIOSH, OSHA, for the stringent regulatory demands of the US market. It has CE certification and operates in accordance with cGMP regulation in many countries. Read more

More information:

RIVA: The Most Comprehensive Pharmacy Automation Solution (PDF)

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